Wildlives Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
All hedgehogs admitted to Wildlives, whatever may be wrong with them, are given a routine course of treatment, lasting for over three weeks, so as to cover all the likely causes of illness. They are put on a course of antibiotics, and treated for lung worm and other parasites.
Hedgehogs are cared for in the Wildlives hospital for the duration of this treatment, and will be kept for longer in some circumstances - for example if they have injuries that need longer to heal, or if they are orphans or seriously underweight. During the winter, underweight hedgehogs may be fostered out to members of the public, once they have undergone the complete course of treatment.
The food shown right is a mixture of AD and special formulae milk substitute -
Hedgehog bedding at Wildlives consists of thick newspaper and a large heap of shredded paper for them to nest in. As hedgehogs are so grubby - and as we have so many - we go through piles of newspaper and bags of shredded paper everyday. Usually in the winter, we have a paper crisis of some kind.
If you shred your scrap paper, or if you get a newspaper regularly, we would be most grateful for any donations.
Rehabilitation for hedgehogs is minimal - for they rarely become 'tame'. Please note, in this regard, that hedgehogs do not make good pets. Indeed, in the UK it is illegal to keep hedgehogs as pets.
Once hedgehogs have undergone a full course of treatment and put on enough weight - and once any injuries are properly healed - they will be released back into the wild. Usually this will mean they are sent back to where they came from. Sometimes however, if that location is unsuitable, a new home may be found for them. A location will be deemed unsuitable if:
It is near to a busy road.
It is near to a field where crops are sprayed with pesticides.
Badgers are known to live nearby (badgers are partial to hedgehog).
If you live in an area free from these hedgehog hazards, and have a garden that is safe for hedgehogs, we would like to hear from you.
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