Sherrie Hewson joins Wildlives as patron
Wildlives is pleased to announce that the actress Sherrie Hewson, star from Crossroads, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Loose Women has very kindly agreed to be our patron. She made time in her very busy schedule to visit the centre to meet the volunteers and the animals. Everyone who met her was delighted that we had found such a caring person to be our patron, while Sherrie enjoyed meeting all the animals, with an especially soft spot for Maggie fox who looked idyllically happy being cuddled. Sherrie will be visiting the centre again soon for an 'official' visit to take up her new position as patron.
Aragorn takes up demolition
Aragorn, a large dog fox, was brought in by R.S.P.C.A collection officer Donna. Rosie realised immediately that his injuries were severe, and needed veterinary attention, so he was rushed straight to the vet. X-rays revealed that his femur (thigh bone) had split vertically from top to bottom, with two additional horizontal breaks just above the knee joint.
His pelvis was broken on both sides and had completely detached from the spine. With injuries this severe there is a risk of severed nerves, resulting in permanent paralysis, but after long consultation with the vet it was decided to go ahead and pin the leg. He then returned to the Wildlives hospital the same evening, and the next morning when Rosie went to check him he was standing up. He must remain confined to allow all the bones to heal, and is not taking kindly to it, having wrecked his shed which will need completely rebuilding when he leaves! He is expected to have the pin removed next week.
Surprise hedgehog arrivals
A large hedgehog who was brought in appeared to be quite fit and healthy, so it was decided to give her a quick course of worming treatment and release her as soon as possible.
However, this was not to be - in front of our eyes she gave birth to five hoglets. Sadly one was stillborn, and the efforts of the Wildlives team to resuscitate it failed. The other four were all fit and healthy.
A bed was made up for her in a shed outside where she could enjoy peace and quiet, and she was rapidly moved there, as it was feared she might eat her offspring if kept in the busy hospital.
At the time of writing, the hoglets are now twelve days old and thriving.
Bonfire night is rapidly approaching.
While Wildlives hopes that you will all have a good evening and lots of fun, please spare a thought for all the animals, both wild and pets, who don't have such a good time.
Try to choose fireworks that don't make loud, frightening bangs, and always turn over the bonfire carefully before lighting, to make sure that a hedgehog is not snuggled inside it. Remember too, that it is now illegal (with certain religious exceptions) to hold a fireworks display after 11pm.
Fishing tackle lethal for cormorant
A cormorant was found collapsed by the pool at Brightlingsea, where he had been for four days before anyone took any action. At half his body weight, he was in a very bad state.
After intensive care and tube feeding he had started to gain weight well, and was moved to an outside pen.
Unfortunately he began to haemorrhage, and quickly died thereafter. A post mortem revealed he had swallowed fishing tackle.
Please make sure you take all your fishing tackle home with you after a day out - a missing hook or piece of line is often a death sentence for many creatures, especially water birds.
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